• Distillate used contains 93% THC (minimum)
  • Honey Extract cartridges doesn’t contain any harmful additives (i.e. PG, VG and MCT Oil)
  • Please let your vape heat up fully before getting the full smoke output, as pure distillate oil is very thick and can settle during transit
  • Each pen comes with 1 Gram of distillate
Orders will be shipped on the next following business day!

Orders will be shipped on the next following business day!


If you’re looking for discretion, you can’t go wrong with distillate carts from Honey Extracts. Because thc distillate contains none of the cannabis flavors, it’s very discrete and great for those who want to be more private about their smoking habit.

The distillate contains 93% THC. 100% natural terpenes are added for flavor. No additional fillers are added, which is why these carts are thick and not runny. They’ll pass the bubble test with flying colours! That’s how you know you have a quality product on your hands!

Unlike honey oil, distillate is a type of cannabis oil that contains mostly pure THC. It is devoid of any waxes or other undesirable compounds. You’ll get a potent high from the cannabis concentrates found in these vape carts; however, do keep in mind that you won’t experience any entourage effects. Honey Extracts adds a bit of terpenes to add additional flavors and aromas to the cannabis distillation, so you’ll always find a flavor that you love and enjoy!

This is not a vape pen and does not come with a battery. Only the distillate cartridge is included with each purchase.

Honey Extracts pride themselves in producing pure, potent cannabis extracts for our vape cartridges. If you’re looking for a cartridge that contains the full effects of the cannabis plant, take a look at their honey oil pens!

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What is a Vape Pen?

Vape pens are portable devices that vaporize cannabis extracts instead of incinerating them. A pen consists of two components, a battery attached to a ceramic heating element and a separate cartridge containing the extract. 

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When you shop for your next vape pen online, you’ll find a vast array of options from distillate to live resin and beyond. It’s hard to choose between all the different options.

What are the Therapeutic Benefits of Vaping Cannabis?

Because vaping eliminates smoke, it also eliminates the risk to your respiratory tract. Every inhale contains vapour and cannabinoids, with no burnt particulate.

CBD, THC Distillate, HTFSE, Live Resin, and Other Vape Pens

What experience are you looking for? Choose CBD vapes for their soothing anti-anxiety benefits, Live Resin for a tasty inhale, or THC Distillate for the rush.

Are Vape Pens Healthy?

Look for vape pens with minimal ingredients beyond the cannabis extraction. When you buy vape pens from reputable brands with high safety standards, you can trust there are no problematic carrier liquids, just pure cannabis.

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Canadians love cannabis vape pens because they are discreet, simple, and consistent. Elite Cannabis curates a growing number of vape options no matter what experience you are after.

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