How to Flush Marijuana Out of Your System

How to Flush Marijuana Out of Your System

Are you looking to flush marijuana out of your system? Maybe you need to pass a drug test for a new job, or perhaps you want to take a tolerance break and remove it out of your system before starting anew. Whatever your reason may be, there are a few ways to approach a marijuana detox. Read on to learn more.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in the Body?

THC can be present in the urine from a few days to up to 30 days. Although saliva, urine, hair and blood can all be tested on THC, most tests on done on urine. How long cannabis stays in your system depends on a few factors, including body fat, metabolism rate, eating and exercise habits, and how much weed you normally consume.

If you smoke less, have a higher metabolism, exercise more and have less body fat, chances are that your body can get rid of THC quicker. Regardless of the listed criteria above, you can hasten the time at which THC leaves your body by drinking lots of water, eating healthy and exercising.

How to Remove Marijuana from Your Body

Natural Ways to Flush Out Marijuana

  • Abstain. To detox from cannabis, you will have to stop marijuana consumption. Whether you decide to ease into it or do it at once, the process of ridding yourself of THC cannot start until you completely remove it out of the picture.
  • Exercise. THC is stored in the fat cells of the body, so those with more body fat will have to wait longer to detox. Exercises like weight training and cardio can help burn fat and increase metabolism, speeding up the detox process.
  • Drink water. Drinking lots of water can assist in cleansing the body during this period. Do not overdo it, however, as it will do nothing to speed up the process. Keeping yourself well hydrated to can increase health and expel toxins.
  • Have a healthy diet. Avoid foods with high sugar, fat and sodium content. These foods can increase water retention and slow metabolism. Rather, opt for nutritious vegetables, lean meats and fruits.
  • Drink more tea. Go with teas that contain a high amount of antioxidants. You can also drink liver-cleansing teas like milk thistle or dandelion. This is simple and pleasant way to help the body in the detox process.
  • Take care of your mental health. If you have anxiety or depression as you detox, it is important to take care of your mental health and be gentle with yourself. Also consider other resources like therapy.
  • Nurture yourself. Consider the detox experience a chance to take care of yourself and find your whole perspective. Think of it like a vacation, and allow yourself to be pampered and worry less.

Products to Help Flush Out Marijuana

  • Bentonite clay. This popular clay has many detoxifying properties and is known for absorbing chemicals, heavy metals, toxins and other impurities. You can use this on the skin, in a bath or in a glass of water.
  • Detox drinks. Refreshing beverages with detox ingredients like mint, watermelon and lemon are easy to make and enjoy. You can find lots of recipes online. There are also pre-made drinks available on the market.
  • Detox kit. These kits usually come with different items like herbal capsules and instructions on how to properly use the kit to rid the body of toxins.

To get a full weed cleanse, your best option is to use natural methods that can take up to six weeks to rid your system of cannabinoids. These are the most thorough and effective way to flush THC out of your body. Aside from the ones listed above, note that there are many more products aimed at cannabis detoxification.

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