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8 Tips to Dose & Enjoy High-THC Cannabis Edibles

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Have you tried a batch of high-THC cannabis edibles and have no idea of their potency and how much you should consume? The good news is that now that weed is legalized in many areas, their use is now being standardized. In countries and states where its use is permitted, edibles manufacturers have come up with regulatory standards for a safer and more pleasant cannabis edibles experience. Here are some tips when dosing and enjoying your high-THC cannabis edibles.

Read the Dosing Guidelines Carefully

In the legal market, cannabis edibles usually label their THC contents in milligrams. The standard dose is 10 milligrams, but it is best for newbies or low-tolerance consumers to start at 5 milligrams. From here, you can add another 5 milligrams after an hour or two once you have settled on the effects of the first dose.

Take into Accout Your Tolerance

Always start with a small dose. People with low THC tolerance are susceptible to unpleasant side effects like anxiety, paranoia and dizziness. Remember that an underwhelming experience is better than an overwhelming one. Do not try to keep up with more experienced users as they are more resilient to THC-induced side effects.

Exercise Restrain and Be Patient

It can be hard to wait for the effects when you have a whole pack of cannabis-infused snacks. Remember that you cannot just mindlessly snack on edibles; you can find yourself in a bumpy ride when you lose track of the amount you have consumed. Take a dose and wait it out for a more positive experience.

Consider Your Stomach Contents

Before dosing, think about how much you have eaten and what you have had to drink. If you have an empty stomach, your edible might kick in more swiftly. However, take half a dose if you decide to consume them on an empty stomach. Also think about how much alcohol you have consumed, as mixing the two can increase THC blood concentration.

Be Aware of Drug Interactions

Products with cannabis can interfere with other medicines you might be taking. Certain interactions can increase or decrease the strength of the medications you are taking. THC has a potential to affect certain enzymes that are involved in processing certain medications, including blood thinners and antidepressants.

Look for a Comfortable Place

It is important that you consume your edibles in a comfortable setting. If you are considering taking larger doses, do so at home among familiar faces. For newbies, the presence of a friend or partner can help control any anxiety-related effects. With time and experience, it will be easier to feel at peace with your surroundings.

Be Prepared for Bad Trips

Bad trips can happen when you take too much THC, no matter how experienced you are. If it happens to you, breathe and stay calm. After all, no one has died from taking too much cannabis. The panic should eventually wear off. It helps to drink water to speed up the digestive process and relieve the unpleasant effects.

Store Your THC Edibles Safely

If you intend to regularly keep edibles at home, store them properly and safely away from kids and pets, as well as from visitors who might know what is in them. Some people have gone to the emergency room because they feel high without knowing why, unknowing that they have taken something that contains weed.

Because of mandated lab testing and proper labeling, it now only takes some self-discipline and education to ensure that you do not accidentally overuse them. Knowing the standard dose and adjusting to it based on your biology and needs, can make or break your whole cannabis edibles experience.

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